Undefined is a series of images that explores the subtle textures of what is left behind and is forgotten, yet continues to grow over time.

Hidden away behind old furniture and closed doors, tiny translucent spiders have accumulated collections of lost bits and pieces – dust, hair, feathers, and insects even smaller and more translucent.

Records of passing time emerge in the seemingly arbitrary structures. Thin layers of tissue mirror the existence of the abandoned room.

Helping my mother move from the second floor of her old house to the ground level in 2009, I came across elaborate assemblages of cobwebs created during three decades of oblivion since my family last occupied the room.

Rolled patterns on walls were fashionable in rural areas throughout Central Europe in the sixties. My grandmother was exceptionally skillful with the tool and earned a reputation as interior painter. Seen as textures, the cobwebs and wall patterns negate the loss of time that formed them.

exhibition at A Space Windows

exhibition at Roadside