Steel Town

Steel Town is a series of 6 collagraphs depicting aerial view sections of Hamilton’s industrial sector, together with façades of residential streets in its vicinity.  Each scene features the same embellishments – a sailboat, a moon, geraniums. I am fascinated by the character of the houses, architectural details and modifications that express individual taste and style.

Hot Rolled comprises 4 collagraphs that build on the theme of my earlier Steel Town prints.  Two rows of industrial sector houses provide a border for abstracted interpretation of the steelmaking process. The red colour from the hot rolled sheets of steel is repeated in objects found on and around the houses, suggesting a connection between the industry and its products.

On the Slagheap is the final set of prints in this series, offering a post-industrial vision.

The work was exhibited at Rebecca Gallery in 2015, at Carnegie Gallery in 2016, at the Art Gallery of Hamilton in 2022,

and was part of the Centre3 banner project on Concession Street in 2017