Paradox of the Vocation

Creativity in a Cancer Centre

exhibition of artworks created during a series of workshops at the Juravinski Cancer Centre

July 10 – August 1, 2009

Medical staff and artists share an intricate sense of connection to their respective professions. Their chosen vocation – or ‘calling’ – blurs the separation between work practice and individual identity. Images created by cancer centre staff demonstrate that for health care workers, whether they are doctors, chemo suite nurses, or clerical staff, the faces of patients are part of their own portraits. Artists who practice in their community can set up studio anywhere, why not in a hospital?

The artworks on display evolved during a series of workshop collaborations in relief printing, photography, collage, and mixed media. Two exhibitions run parallel, one at Juravinski Cancer Centre (Hummingbird Café lower level), the other at The Print Studio Member Gallery (on James Street North).

Opening receptions take place at both Hamilton locations on Friday, July 10th:

12 noon to 1 pm at the Juravinski Cancer Centre, 699 Concession Street

7:30 pm to 11 pm at The Print Studio, 173 James Street North

Juravinski Cancer Centre Staff:

Shirley Freeman

Dr. Michèle Bertothy

Elizabeth Obermeyer-Kostash

Rosemary Bland

Shirley Routliffe

Marilyn Evanik

Nancy Levesque

Michelle Laurette

Donna Blake

Nancy Ross

Janet Poirier

The Print Studio Artists:

Rochelle Rubinstein

Ingrid Mayrhofer

Amelia Jiménez