Endangered and Disasters


2019, collagraphic series of seven prints, 11” x 15” each

The seven prints (editions of 4) in the “Endangered” series include images of plants and animals on the endangered list in Ontario, some of which are still present in the natural areas surrounding our cities. The series starts with plants and animals clearly identifiable and obscuring the background. The sequence creates a narrative through different states and compositions that expose successively more ghost images embossed onto the background plate by loose pieces that are no longer printed in the next state. 


The four prints (editions of 7) in the “Disasters” series explore the elements – air, water, fire and earth, at their most detrimental potential to humans, without actually employing the human figure. Human activity is represented in remnants of our built environment, work and leisure. The same loose pieces are re-arranged in each of the four prints to form different narratives. 

access to the process display at the Halton Hills Cultural Centre