Acton Farmers’ Market Residency

In the fall of 2022, I spent eight Thursday afternoons at the market, sketching, making prints and earthenware tiles leading toward the creation of a bas-relief mural. Similar to the Halton Hills banner project, I worked with images of endangered and threatened species. The Tree of Life theme is found in many cultures, and my interpretation is based on Austrian folk art, such as embroidery and painting. Traditionally, two animals of the same species are set in a tree, facing each other among flowers and other decorative elements. In order to give the piece a local connection, I asked Judi Henhawk Sault if she would contribute a turtle. Judi’s turtle stands out from the surrounding tiles, and presents the base for the tree and for all the creatures.

with Judi, our mural installed at the library,
photo by George Wang Photography